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Your very own itinerary for just €12 per day! Enter the period of your camping trip. If you have already booked a CamperBoys camper and would like to book the route service later, please let us know your booking number.

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Your very own itinerary for just €12 per day!

Do you have a CamperBoys rental camper or your own camper and would you like your holiday to be planned individually? Then you are exactly right here! Our Trip Planner includes an itinerary tailored just for you and gives you suggestions, ideas and inspiration for stops, campsites, activities and lots of adventure.

What can you expect from our route service?

Your personal travel guide

Our travel designers from the CamperBoys route service build your digital and individual travel guide. The itinerary is tailored to you. You tell us whether you want to go to the sea or to the mountains, whether you want an outdoor holiday, a cultural trip or just to relax. We give you inspiration for stops, activities, campsites, restaurants and adventures in your personal route.

To give you an idea of our Trip Planner, we have a demo route for you here:

Demo Route


Four steps to an individual journey

This is how the booking process and the cooperation with our travel designers work.

1. Trip Planner booking
The Trip Planner costs 12€ per day. Just tell us how many days you are away and when your trip starts . Anyone can book the route service, regardless of whether you are traveling with a rental camper from CamperBoys or with your own camper.

Please note : We need at least 2 weeks to plan your route as best as possible.

2. Contact
Once we have received your booking, we will send you a questionnaire by email so that we can get to know you and your holiday wishes better. For the final vote there will be a conversation with our travel designers.

3. We plan
Now you can lay back. We have all the information we need and our travel designers plan your individual travel route according to your wishes and ideas. Everything has been thought of: route, stops, pitches, restaurants and activities.

4. Your itinerary
You will receive your finished route as a pdf to print out, via a web link and/or via the Trip Plans app. So it's entirely up to you how you want to call up the route, you always have it ready.

To ask?

You can find questions and answers about the Trip Planner on our website.
You can also reach us personally on +49 (0) 8141 396 3000 or .

Adventures Ahead!